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Next level fantasy sport management.

About us


About Head Coach Games

The history of Head Coach Games begins in 2015 with a vision to build the world’s best fantasy manager game for hockey and it is the journey to get there that is also the goal.
The road there should be marked by having fun and looking back and being proud of what you have accomplished. For us, it is important that the people we work with are pragmatic, solution-oriented, unafraid to tackle things outside their area of expertise, and that you have a drive to see that everything can be a little better and that changes are usually made in small steps in order to change the big picture. Our differences are something that together create a strength in the team.

We are convinced that these factors contribute to develop yourself and have a fun journey together.

Our team

Jonas karlsson
Co-founder and developer
Daniel Eriksson
Co-founder and developer
Johan Hult